Why Comfy?

Comfy is a young, passionate, and dynamic company founded in California in 2016. We are young but not inexperienced in textile industry since we come from a city called Denizli, Turkey known as one of the finest textile manufacturing destination since antiquity.

Consumers are forced to make decisions between inexpensive poor quality socks that are made of nylon and polyester which threaten their foot health or the average quality name brand socks that are overpriced. Comfy is a new option to be your first choice offering stylish, comfortable and premium quality socks without asking you to pay a fortune for a pair of socks.

Statistics show that 12-14 socks are purchased per person a year. Do you really want to put socks on your foot that will make them sweat all day, make you feel uncomfortable to walk or hesitate taking your shoes off? We are all look to find good quality shoes because most of us think it is enough to make our feet comfortable and complete our outfit with style.

We simply call it, “Having a Pair of Shoes Without the Right Socks is the same as Having a Car Without Rims”

Comfy is designed to complete your style made soft as California’s climate utilizing 84% Bamboo Viscose to help your foot breathe better, finished with an earthy scent to make your foot feel fresh even after a long tiring day

Your foot health and comfort is important and deserves a better care to serve you all day. We are ready to bring Comfy to your foot.

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